*Reef'Colors* Fair will start on August 11/ 2013. 
* The Sim will open on  8 August  for designers. 
* The event ends August 25th, 2013. 
*Create 2 exclusive releases or more for The first edition of Reef's Colors Fair (and 1 or 2 exclusive items for sale 15L in the bazar of the event)
*Cost of the stand-> 2500 (50 Prims to use inside)
 the method of payment you will be explained with the notecard welcome

*All designers are required to have their stand set up and ready to go 3 days prior to the opening of the event (August 8 )
 – it's very important that all the designers are punctual!!!! (THE FAIR WILL BE STARTED WITHOUT YOU!!
If , the day of the Fair start , your stand is not ready, the staff reserves the right to remove your empty spot !!!! WITHOUT RETURN THE MONEY! 

*You must announce your new releases at the group before and during the event to your store groups and other promotion groups you may be part of. 
*Only ONE Gift item for stand is allowed. The Gift may only be sold for Free (L$0) or for L$1  

*Decoration only allowed inside the store 
*You may to decorate your booth how you want... 
*Decoration rules are subject to change
*All decoration prims must be set to ‘phantom’. 
*Do not use sculpties or mesh excessively. 
 *NO SCRIPTS TEST!!!!!! (All the items with test script...will be return!!! Are very ugly and to dirty the aestetic of the land!!!!
*When new rules will be updating

for any question contact me!!

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